One Piece Golden Age Wiki

Considering the recent events involving some inaccuracy on the wiki and the issues this has caused I've decided to create a basic guide for when and what sort of stuff you should add to articles (I plan on improving this in the future)

When adding evidence to support what your adding to the wiki you should make sure to use a picture/video as evidence instead of just claiming a Nova member said this or that.

1) Spelling Mistakes/Other minor touches

Issues like these can be tackled by anyone so long as it's either a simple fix of grammar or adding bold lettering to important words and you understand what you are doing.

2) Editing the details of an article

This is where a bit of a grey area exists, if your a trusted member of the community and general knowledge of the game would support what your adding then it's generally safe to go ahead, here is an example: You add to the Ocean page that when Humans enter the ocean they will start to lose air and then drown, this can easily be tested by most people of the community and is generally accepted as fact so it's safe to add that sort of knowledge without video/picture proof.

If you however add things as fact such as the "Criminal Legend" class and it's not commonly accepted as true or easy to test then that would be a case where picture/video proof would be needed to validate your edit. Or if your adding the damage potential for a weapon or attack you should post the mathematical equation you used so it can be tested and verified as legitimate.

3) Future content

Anything involving future content MUST be backed up with pictures and/or video in order to support your claim. If Vetex says Conqueror's Haki will have a 1/3 chance of having in a post then you should make sure to take a picture of that and post it in the comments when making an edit that includes this information

If we wish to keep this wiki alive and usable for players of OPGA then we must maintain a high standard of quality when making edits so that this wiki can stay as accurate as possible. I will make sure to remove any false information I find but lets work hard to avoid placing false information on this wiki in the first place.