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Two Sword Style
Type: Fighting Style
Blade Level: 15+
Max Blade Stat: 80
Comments: Requires two swords

Two Sword Style is a style of fighting that can be used when the player has at least two swords and Blade Level 15. Devil Fruit users are able to use this fighting style, but they cannot use Three Sword Style. The speed of your swings when using Two Sword Style is dependent on the speed of the slowest of your 2 swords in use.


Two Sword Style: Skill [ Blade Level 15 ]

Two Sword Style: Skill in game!

Basic attack with Two Swords.

If another sword collides,the two swordsmen will begin a clash

Each individual sword will deal roughly half of what they do if they were used for One Sword Style in damage. 

(Consumes 34 stamina.)

Two Sword Style: Rhino Cycle [ Blade Level 35 ]

Two Sword Style Rhino cycle in game

Slicing the air faster than the eye can see doing moderate damage, can be intercepted by a sword. This attack deals (5*Blade)+ 3 times the total of your First and Second Sword's base damage in damage.

Decreases your sword's durability by 20-40.

Two Sword Style: Sword Draw Rashomon [ Blade Level 55 ]

Two Sword Style: Sword Draw Rashomon in game

A quick dash with 2 swords, swipes doing moderate damage. This can also be intercepted by a sword, starting a blocking clash.

(Infront of a sword equipped user will cause lightning sometimes instead of the move.)

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