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Vice Admiral Argus

Known as Argus "the Kraken" Tyldor, of the Navy, this soldier was assigned to command the ship: "Borealis". Under his command, the ship caught countless notorious pirates, as well as saved the entire western hemisphere from the "World Pool". Before this, he was a simple Vice-Admiral, and a good one at it, for he had the favor and respect of even the admirals. Though he could have become one himself, he turned down the offer, because he said he hated attention. His skill matched the Admirals in strength, agility, and outclassed them in strategy, due to the fact that he was one of the best strategists in all the Navy and quite possibly the world. Alas, with the death of his crew he seemed to have went mad with hatred for the Dark Wizard and destroys all in his path for revenge.

-Collected from the stories around Navy HQ, the Center of the World-

-Written by, Randal, the Seeker