The Sword of Durandal

Long ago, in medieval times, there was once, a story. A story prominent around mainly the kingdom of Aster, in this story, a brave Knight was described, but it was not the knight who was special in this case, even though he was courageous enough, it twas his sword, the sword was said to be the unholy offspring of Excalibur, for Excalibur was holy and righteous, this sword was not. The unholy sword's name was Durandal, and was it great at slaying what was in its wake, with this sword, kingdoms fell, lives slain, and mere destruction in every-way. But with the sword, came a price; it was said to consume the user in darkness and evil, the same darkness that took over a young knight we once knew, the sword now rests in the side of a mountain, in hopes never to be used again. Beware the utter power of Durandal, for it shall consume you if disturbed once more. Oh, before I forget, the Sword is also called; The Sword of Roland.

-Based on a campfire story around the Aster Ruins-

Written by -Randal, the Seeker