When the grandfather of my grandfather's grandfather was still a child, no one in this land could challenge the might of the Roland Kingdom. They forged weapons of iron to bring the world under their dominion. But eventually this mine was exhausted, and the Roland Kingdom's unstoppable conquest ground to a halt. Their King's ambition vanished along with the iron. They abandoned the mine, where dark spirits now thrive. No one knows what happened to the mine, none dare to go there to this day, for some say they see the spirits of those who perished in the mine. Rumor has it that that there was a spot deep in the mine where gold formed, it has not been confirmed but many speculate that it's true and venture out to find the mine. However, everyone that set out to look for the mine have never returned.

-This Story was based off of true events near the Grand Line-

Written by - Azazael, The Explorer