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The Accursed Saint

Ages ago, there was once, a city, a city floating up top to protect itself from invaders, and it went by the name "Clockwork Island". Long before it was built atop a pillar so high, it was once, a kingdom, whom was beloved by all and envied by most. Then, it was attacked by invaders of the south, whom wanted riches and fame. But, like many kingdoms, there was an army, an army of many skilled paladins, equipped to the bone, with armor and weaponry. Of this army, there was a warrior of legend, whom even was the King's personal knight. He was skilled to the point he might've been the strongest of men. When the invaders arrived, the Paladins were deeply outnumbered, there were ten invaders for every one paladin. Kill after kill, death after death, the invaders were pushed back, but there was no fest, no glory tales, for the Paladins that fell in battle was beyond grief. Only two days later, came more intruders, more out-landers. The Paladins prepared for the worst, yet one yell cried over the rest; "Go! I'll take care of thy foe, midst thee escape." T'was from the Warrior, the King and his army refused, the warrior insisted. Leaving the island, the Warrior was left alone, himself, versus the army of 500. Swing after swing of his axe, blow after blow he inflicted, kill after kill he added. Yet fate, had her own opinion, the Warrior fell. After reaching he thought was Valhalla (the afterlife), he saw a shinning light, and a warm feeling. Then, his regret and shame struck, he ran from the light, into an abyss of nothingness. Then, he opened his eyes, no time had passed since he was impaled. He was stronger, faster, and healed, how had such a miracle come to pass; he didn't care how, he was merely thankful. He then retook his homeland, but a price, came with his new powers and revival, he was cursed to walk the Earth for eternity. That is where the story ends, but there has been reports of a shinning human-like object wielding a great sword walking on land towards the mountains. None have been confirmed. Some say the he even stands upon mount Olympus for the gods to perfect their creations, as they use him as a test subject.

-This story was based off Nordic folklore near the tip of the world-

Written by - Randal, the Seeker.