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The World Pool

There was once a warship, once prided and boasted many-a-time throughout the Navy, for this ship, was Colossal in size and even more so in weaponry, the ship's name was; Borealis. It is known as such due to the fact that the ship was built in the Northern great Industry Shipyards. It was world-renowned and feared by all those who have been branded the name "Pirate" for it has pursued, captured, and destroyed over 500 top-class bounty pirates throughout the Seas. Then, a catastrophic event of incomprehensible chaos and destruction occurred; the ocean typhoon of death, The World Pool. The massive salt twister engulfed over half of the Pacific, and continued to grow. The Borealis, being the size it was, intentionally plunged into the cobalt colored spiraling cone, and was able to stop the massive catastrophe. But if the Borealis should be disturbed, or breaks, it may release the azure typhoon once more. This catastrophe has not been confirmed true or false, the Arcane Government has refused to answer my questions for unknown reasons.

-This is based on Navy sailor stories and ship records-

Written by - Randal, the Seeker.