The Monk

Earlier in the beginning stages of the marines being created the original head martial artist teacher was a monk, who's name is lost in the past was originally in the long gone White Lotus Clan and t'was a man of peace who heard the marines were a peaceful place that faught evil. By the third year of the starting of the marines, the monk was ranked Admiral and was sent to a suprise raid on Gol D. Roger's ship. As he looked on the chaos of the big battle and thought it was too much on the marine's part but in the end Roger escaped whilst the marines captured some men but not a lot. They hear that the Monk saw that they did to the men they captured. They were battered, beaten, scratched, stabbed, and this scar the monk's state of mind. As he walked in the torture room and beated down the the commanders torturing them. They said he told them "I'll set you free if you become Lotus, quit being pirates and become men of peace." They'd obviously said yes for as they escaped. To this day the monk's bounty was extremely huge and the pirates he freed became a new generation of White Lotus. The monk will forever be known in marine history as The grandmaster. Rumors hear that you can see the monk today, with no swords, nor guns holstered on his chest but his pure fists.

Written by - Darkilof, The drunk swordsman.