Mountain Bandits (Foosha Village)

Mountain Bandits
Leader: N/A
Level: 12-36
Drops: Berries

4 Bandits in total

Location: Foosha Village
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Mountain Bandits are the first NPC enemies that you encounter when you start the game usually. There are 2 classes of bandits being the sword wielding bandits and gun wielding bandits. There are 4 bandits, 2 for each class respectively. Their level is as follows, Sword Bandits: 12 and 25, Gun Bandits: 18 and 36. Gun bandits are the most powerful and can kill you if you don't pay attention.

Located in Foosha Village

TIP: There are a quite a few ways to make use of a bandit. If you have a logia or the gum gum fruit, let a friend reduce your hp and use last resort on the bandits as a good way to get your melee up.

A new player should stay away from the bandits until they become atleast level 10.

Killing Mountain bandits reduces your bounty (200-400) and give berries depending on the level of the bandit you are fighting.