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All the currently available ammo

Ammo is the material used for your guns/firearms to deal damage in One Piece Golden Age. As of now, there are 4 different types of ammo. All kinds of ammo share varying level requirements, based on that of a user's "Sniper" attribute level. Buying a firearm and equiping Gunman Style is a requirement in order to use the ammo you have purchased

Types of ammo


The most basic kind of ammo. It is the cheapest kind of ammo as well, and deals damage to a target when that target is shot. Creates a cloud of dust on impact with terrain when shot from a bazooka.

Cost: 500


A type of ammo that explodes upon impact with anything. Good for damaging a clumped mass of enemies.

(Sometimes goes through houses or the floor)

Cost: 1000


A type of ammo that makes a cloud of smoke appear upon impact with anything. It works similar to that of a smoke bomb. Paralyzes anyone caught in the smoke for a few seconds. Smoke can also stun Logia users.

Cost: 1500


A type of ammo that poisons a target upon impact. It leeches at a targets HP for a certain amount of time.

If shot by a bazooka,it will create a cloud of poisonous smoke,damaging anyone that was around it when shot.

(PS.The lowest this ammo can leech to is 1HP)

Cost: 2000


The maximum ammo of each type you can hold at once is 1000.

Therefore it costs 50000 for full Lead, 100000 for full Exploding, 150000 for full Smoke and 200000 for full Poison.

Smoke also can stun Logias while all other current ammo types are useless. Poison seems to work best in Slingshot and Bazooka while Lead or Exploding works best in the Flintlock or Blunderbuss.