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• 8/19/2015

'''Kilo Kilo no mi?'''

Pound Pound fruit.. well there is a lot to it but those are some generals questions that will apply not only to me but to all that will try to respond.

Immunity: I dont think it will be immune to anything what about you?

Abilities: For sure it has to have the kilo 1-10.000 like said in anime but what will be the moves? Like to make yourself lighter to move faster or heavier to eat enemy melees or what?

General Usage worth it or not? That's on you guys and what you will think (THIS IS JUST QUESTIONS MADE ON HOW THE FRUIT WILL BE)

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• 8/20/2015

I expect the 10000 press have you hold mouse click to float and release mouse click to fall. Like how you charge gum pistol. I'm guessing cresendo stone is similar to Last Resort without the half Health limitation in exchange a smaller hit box.

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